17 July 2017

How to Optimize Business Processes

Published by: Kristelle
Businesses cannot thrive and grow without efficient business processes in place. From recruiting and hiring employees to sales, marketing, accounting, and managing computer networks, virtually every business function requires a series of processes. The process of business ensures that all related tasks are documented and well organised. In theory, those responsible for carrying out a given process will know exactly what to do and when. However, business methods are not necessarily efficient. Business method optimization seeks to make the business method as efficient as possible.
11 July 2017

How UX improve the traffic and growth of a software product

Published by: Vince
Through the use of Scavenger hunt usability testing, we create evidence that the proposed software solution improves how the users use a product. Proof that the users can navigate and roam around your system with ease and efficiency, factors that will make them passionate about your product and service.
6 July 2017

10 Golden Keys of Excellent Customer Service

Published by: Kristelle
Many businesses spend a lot of resources advertising and attracting new customers. While this is very necessary for the success of the business, the value of returning customers is often overlooked. Customer service is an integral part of any business and this is why this practice should be as live as any other sales function. Loyal customers are a company's vital assets and when you satisfy their needs, they will help you grow and even recommend you to other people. Being able to understand this role helps you get better and excel in customer service. With that, here are the top tips to help you give your customers the kind of service they truly deserve.
30 June 2017

Keep Calm and Client is King

Published by: Kristelle
"Client is King" is an old business chant emphasizing the significance of clients in every business. By tradition, this law usually involves a company's assurance to give excellent customer services to clients. However, with the current evolution of work and business settings partnered with technological development, ‘client is king' means more than just customer service.